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We have been involved in Commercial management for the past 30-year sand in that time there is very little that we have not experienced. Taking this wealth of knowledge and experience we have developed several commercial service propositions on generic and more specific issues which we consider relevant and beneficial to the all projects, and all sectors.

Our experience and insight enables us to fully understand the issues affecting our clients, not only in today’s climate, but also future scenarios ensuring we develop solutions that deliver successful outcomes.

Commercial Management Success Factors

  • Optimise operational spend
  • Reduce capital spend
  • Revenue stream protection
Certainty of Outcome
  • Reduce risk
  • Deliver on-time and on-budget
  • Assurance
Value for Money
  • Clearly demonstratable value
  • Enable business case decisions
  • Ability to leverage
Informed Client
  • Understanding of business impacts
  • Support decision making
  • Performance measurement of best in class

Core Commercial Management Services

We have specialist Commercial Management skills bringing together industry experience and academic experts to deliver bespoke solutions to clients that are planning, constructing, operating and disposing of infrastructure across the world.

We have been providing Interim management services for over 30 years, either as dedicated teams or strategic individuals. During this time Arnmore have been involved in some of the largest infrastructure projects across Europe and the Middle east and has unprecedented experience in providing high calibre individual for specific projects.

We also recognise that all organisations are challenged with having the right resource available when needed. Often organisations are forced to back-fill roles with people who do not have the relevant experience or skills or simply do not align to the requirements of such roles but are purely available. History has showed us that this approach normally ends badly, with delivery compromised and a significant loss in confidence of from a Client perspective.

Arnmore have teams or individuals and as a result have been at the forefront in some of the largest infrastructure projects across Europe and the Middle East. With 20 retained consultants and staff we are ready and able to react to various organisations and their needs.

Arnmore resource capability:

  • Commercial directors
  • Bid directors
  • Delivery Directors
  • Commercial Managers
  • Quantity surveyors
  • DCO management
  • Risk Management
  • and reporting
  • Data analysis
  • Project management

Let’s us help you get the resource that you need when you require it.

Bidding is the lifeblood of any organisation, winning work is a measure of success and supports sustainable growth, It is essential that there is a strong pipeline of work to support confidence both internally and externally.

 We have established experienced teams with the right   balance of skills that are required to be successfully  bid and win work. Individuals who  have the depth of knowledge and are able to address the varied needs of submitting a successful bid.

 Key elements:

  • Defining strategy and win themes
  • Defining technical requirements
  • Defining commercial both internal and external
  • Defining Contract requirements and restrictions
  • Defining submission requirements
  • Defining compliance
  • Defining packaging and delivery requirements

Whether it be all the above or just one area support Arnmore has experienced resource able to make a difference to your bids. As team we can support or as individuals either way we can ensure your bid gets the correct level of support to ensure it stands out.

Let Arnmore make the difference for you.

To establish a function to undertake Final Accounting, and or to provide an interim account assessment to provide ongoing confidence and compliance. This maybe be undertaken as a general audit function or as part as a strategic deep dive to ensure that the account is being managed in accordance with the Contract and in line with proper accounting practices or to simply understand risk and exposure.

This will cover but not be limited to:

  • Reconciliation of accounts Interim and Final
  • Data management
  • Other specialist services
  • Claims assessments

Arnmore has provided full PMO services to several projects and are at the forefront of providing reporting analytics at the right level to ensure client confidence whilst allowing the business to be proactive in its approach to change and efficient project management.
Often how a project starts will determine on what basis a project performs. A poorly setup project can put the project team on its back foot from day 1 and can establish a negative client perspective. Therefore, it is essential that a project is set up with the correct structure and governance procedures in place to enable it to perform against the requirements set out in the Contract.

Using past experiences Arnmore have developed a mobilisation strategy template that can be applied to most projects irrespective of the sector. Arnmore also have experienced teams who are familiar with the pitfalls of project mobilisation and fully understand what needs to happen to ensure a project is initiated correctly.

Arnmore can help you achieve this

Arnmore provide senior executives who can  go into organisations to provide strategic insight,  or driving  change through the application of effective management techniques set against a wealth of knowledge of what good really looks like, these services are normally bespoke to individual needs of clients.

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We have supported some of the largest infrastructure projects around the world. By implementing a proactive approach and by applying our insight, experience and knowledge to generate innovative, sustainable outcomes we are able to provide our clients with both commercial and technical advantages.