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In a time of rapid technological change our products enable you to deep dive into your commercial and technical data.


We are constantly developing our suite of products. These are focussed on issues we have experienced during our consultancy projects. The aim of each product is to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of final delivery.

These products are built upon innovative approaches to solving what sometimes are long standing problems, such as analysis of unstructured text data, standardised modelling and presentation of financial information and methods for capture and analysis of infrastructure health.

Infrastructure Maintenance Analysis

One application of SAIN is in bridge maintenance.

In the UK alone there are over 28,000 rail bridges. Many of which have been in operation since the Victorian era. Increasing traffic and loads across these structures means monitoring their condition is becoming more important for safe operation of the railway network.

SAIN uses ‘whole-body’ signatures, detected via acoustic recordings, for train-bridge interactions. Which allows long-term evaluation of bridge and wheel-rail condition.

One of the most significant benefits that using SAIN for bridge maintenance analysis is that it can be carried out without the need for access to the track.

Excel Documentation

Our experience is, in the main, that creation of spreadsheets rarely follows any recognised design process. Spreadsheets are very powerful pieces of software, so why would you not apply a software development process to their creation?

We have taken a step to helping properly design and document spreadsheets. Docability facilitates documenting sheets as you build the design. This has the effect of introducing a more formal design process.

At the press of a button a document can be generated that describes the design.

Hazard Log Analysis – NLP

HAZARD logs are an essential record for any risk assessment.

Text entries describing hazards, based on our experience of reviewing them, tend to vary wildly in quality. Unstructured text and text that is too vague are common examples of poor quality. This can lead to poor quality in the management of risk.

Using a trained NLP algorithm to evaluate the text within the log  the tool aims to improve the quality of the log by providing a scoring level for each entry, so helping the risk manager check the log quality on a regular basis.

Cost Risk Model

Modelling the cost of risk exposure for a business or project is an essential part of risk management. However, putting a value on risk is notoriously difficult. The usual approach it to quality a risk by placing upper and lower bounds on its likelihood of occurrence and its potential impact.

These ranges then provide a more realistic measure of all the potential outcomes, should the risk, or portfolio of risks, be realised.

We have built a template risk model, ARN-RISG, that can be used as a basis for building a business or project cost risk model. The model relies on a Monte Carlo simulation of the risk portfolio. Once entries have been defined and quantified running the model produces estimates of variability in individual risk entries and across the whole portfolio.

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We have supported some of the largest infrastructure projects around the world. By implementing a proactive approach and by applying our insight, experience and knowledge to generate innovative, sustainable outcomes we are able to provide our clients with both commercial and technical advantages.

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