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  • ProRail – Netherlands

    In the Netherlands, ProRail is a government organisation that takes care of maintenance and extensions of the national railway network infrastructure, allocating rail capacity, and of traffic control. Arnmore provided strategic guidance on the issues regarding transforming ProRail over a period of time into a performance based commercial organisation that could better manage the rail infrastructure.

    Key Client Benefits:

    Arnmore provided strategic advice to the ProRail migration progress, including:

    • Advising on the review of technological innovation (collaboration with suppliers and sub-providers) to assist in enhancing economic performance.
    • A shift from compliance driven performance measurement to an Overall Economics (sustainability) measurement and management.
    • Advising on the agreement ProRail requires with its ‘users’ to be more robust and address their key deliverable, namely, being an expert Infrastructure Manager. This would enable it to deliver optimum sustainable economics from the assets available.
    • Advising on the greater relevance of overall business economics (value for money). Also, the obligation to step up to a profile of the Rail Sector representing a system of ‘in-class’ (aiming for ‘best-in-class’) participants in infrastructure management and train operators.

    Our approach enabled the client to realise their strategic intent and supported the transformation.

  • SpitzkeSpoorbouw, S.A.Gelre Bid Team, Netherlands

    apm provided contract performance modelling of rail route assets on a rail maintenance contract being bid by SpitzekeSpoorbouw. Our approach identified critical assets over the 7 year contract period enabling optimized maintenance operations to be included within the bid. Through the use of our bespoke model, apm provided robust and transparent outputs enabling the team to incorporate the findings into the proposed commercial solution

    Key Client Benefits:
    • Bespoke model using proven framework to understand the contractual performance of rail route assets.
    • Identification of the critical assets over 7 year contract period with respect to safety, maintenance and optimisation enabling a revised operating model.
    • Findings enabled the return on the client investment in maintenance operations to be maximised leading to a more robust commercial solution.
    • Visibility and transparency of data leading to greater understanding and sensitivity of the asset performance.
    • Lifecycle analysis and modelling supporting more informed decisions with respect to proposed asset maintenance and investment.

    Our model enabled identified a 24% reduction in Performance Penalty costs equating to increased revenue of €1.5m over 7 years